Summer’s colors and emotions pop out in UMI’s “Introspection”

Dear readers,

This past weekend UMI released her new multimedia project, a short movie called “Introspection“. The film functions as a visual album, with songs and stories narrated by the sweet and charismatic UMI.

I came across UMI’s discography on social media – on Instagram. What caught my attention was her free spirited approach to life, feelings, and love, all expressed through mellow melodies and soothing pop beats. She fits in the category of Cali-based artists like Kehlani and Kiana Lede’. Beside her kindness, UMI has a musical flow and delivery that touches both millennials and Gen-Z listeners, but her sound leans more towards a younger and edgier audience.

Introspection” is her second video project, followed by the EP called “Love Language“. In this production, UMI displays her music in another way, less fictional and more pragmatical, with tangible events that occur in everyday lives. In addition to the message, UMI released this work of hers at the beginning of summer, a season known for its freedom and solar beauty. Now more than ever, this is both a time of action – think about the Black Lives Matter movement, along with the November’s elections, and other political decisions – and a time of reflection – where we can re-explore ourselves and our identities.

The 15 minutes movie depicts an inner-directed exploration of interpersonal connections, intertwined in a storyline which connects all the characters oof UMI’s story. There’s romantic love, familiar love, and self-love involved and exposed. The production shows off a claim for liberty and an affirmation of love on all its levels. UMI, a Japanese – African American singer, is the new prominent face of the United States, a country whose liberty seems to be suffocated, yet is still at the core of every discussion among its citizens. I think that the USA are experiencing a sort of introspection too, where solutions must be forged and acts of courage must be taken.

You can watch UMI’s video here:

Be free in your own space and capacity. Give yourself time to be introspective and free. Allow this to yourself.


the curly flower

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