Issa’s “Insecure” ended. Michaela’s new series is the next go-to!

Dear readers,

Yesterday night Issa Rae left our screens with a big plot twist on Insecure. Lawrence seemed to have gotten his behavior and mind altogether, but life got in the middle of his love bubble with Issa in it. Even though I’m team Nathan – is it the eyes? is it his low deep voice? is it the Houston accent? I just have a crush on that man, sue me! – I was happy for a second to see Lawrence back on his track with what seemed a rewarding job and the possibility of a fresh chapter to begin with Issa. The show needs to go on, though. Nathan’s character, along with Andrew’s and Molly’s ones, deserve more space and to be explored in their dynamics. Can’t wait for a fifth season, pandemic and global chaos forbid!

My favorite part of the episode finale was the last scene with Issa and Molly under Tyler, The Creator’sAre We Still Friends?

There’s a new series worth the watching now. Michaela Coel’s back with her vibrant and charismatic personality on “It May Destroy You“, a BBC and HBO production. This tv series has aired at the beginning of the month, visible only on BBC and HBO (at the time of this article’s publication). Michaela plays the role of a Black British writer named Arabella. After surviving a sexual assault in a bar in London, Arabella starts reevaluating her life and her position in the world, as a woman of color and a free spirit person. Arabella’s experience goes beyond the feminine sphere by touching queerness and humanity on a rough and pragmatic level. Michaela, just like Issa, usually portrays real-life characters with highly relatable stories with which the audience can see itself.

As many of you know, I came to the USA with the dream of being a screenwriter, just for the sake to write about people who looked like me and introduce them to the big screens. Catching up with Insecure was one of the smartest things I could have ever done because that show taught me lots of contemporary cinematography, community service, and American Black culture (especially in LA), particularly the details and the narratives that I’ve come across throughout those 30 minutes-ish episodes. Now it’s time to jump on another Black experience and narrative, one told by an eclectic creative like Ms. Coel. I personally found it funny to find out a show about a Black writer working under pressure and expectations on her manuscript: I can say that I’m living this experience too, and there’s just one thing I can say: creatives, we can get each other at the end of the day if we want to.

It May Destroy You” airs every Monday on HBO.

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