MyCrynicles by Juvenile Studio: the web series we all need it to catch up on

Dear readers,

Scouting talents should be my second job, if not my first one. I want to share with you a new web-series I’ve found on Twitter a couple of months ago during quarantine: Sierra McKie‘s MyCrynicles. Before I do that, allow me to write a preamble.

One thing I’m scared of and I really haven’t thought about it for a long time is falling in love. I’ve been so busy with school, occupied with my own well-being and social activism, that I almost forgot what romance is. I’m becoming more and more numb when it comes to romantic love. There’s almost no faith left in my heart, even though I love the concept of love and being in love. I simply think that path ain’t for me. I have a strong belief that I will never fall in love again because I’ve been hurt so much and all I’m seeing is everyone moving on, finding true love, or just jumping from one body to another. These solutions don’t sit with me, so I let it slide. I don’t even understand how I am genuinely happy for others and how grateful I am for my own life at the same time, while I know I’m alone. I’m happy being alone and I’m content just with it, I don’t ask for more. I wonder if that’s ok, if I should go back and try to find love, but I don’t know why I don’t believe in that possibility in my life anymore. Maybe I’ve been listening to too much Drake *giggles*:

But I do know one thing though
Women they come they go
Saturday, through Sunday, Monday
Monday through Sunday, yo
Maybe I’ll love you one day
Maybe we’ll someday grow

Maybe because I see my best friends going out on dates, my past lovers having new best friends and relationships, or boys who keep sending me heart emojis, but I know damn well they’re texting five other girls probably way more attractive than me. I wish I knew how to explain this sudden emptiness and hopeless feeling I’m having in my life, while I feel so blessed to have found a roof, a purpose in my career, and so many other little things I’m loving about my new life. It’s kinda like I’m in love with my solitude. I go to bed smiling, I wake up smiling, but then I think: why I’m smiling when I’m alone? Why am I content with this life if I don’t have what other people have right now in life? Am I not in synch? Ok, let’s keep rolling with this smile though, cause I feel… happy…? Yeah! And with these thoughts I’ve been starting or ending my days.

Today is my 15th day living in my new room in Jersey City. I didn’t make a huge deal telling my friends about my new location on whereabouts because just like four years ago, my spirit is shifting into a new era of my life. Four years ago I was in a terrible state of mind. I was ending high school, moving to another continent, dealing with paperwork and such, all in a span of three months. Now it’s the same thing, but my mind is so much more tranquil. I still don’t know what it is, but it will be definitely a much more self-conscious phase this one I’m entering. I got to a point where I can finally say what I want and how to navigate the present moment. I say more “fuck yous” and “no” to those who don’t serve me. At this point, I don’t care if my thighs are not as slim as my friend’s or if my hair is not as straight as I wish (on the contrary, ugh child!). However, I still don’t feel ready to make any big step regarding my future in terms of stable plans, – they don’t even cross my mind (having a family, a boyfriend, a house under my name, – hold on, actually that one… – etc.) – but I’m aware of my past and what it has taught me. I can say I’m mature enough to look back with introspection and a hindsight, analyzing my womanhood, and not repeat any mistakes again.

Finding out Sierra’s animated adventures on Twitter was so unexpected, but such a blessing. I was literally scrolling on my timeline and then I spotted one of her clips that caught my attention due to the accuracy of the dialogue between the characters. Sierra’s cartoons were so relatable not necessarily to my love stories, but the ones I’ve heard of and also read about. I needed to dig in and in less than five minutes I found myself on her YouTube channel and binge-watched her series in three days, between a school work and another.

For you readers and I, Sierra’s taken the time to answer some questions about her series, work, and dreams. In times like these, I believe that for us graduated Brown creatives, – no matter what your niche is – sharing our work online and supporting each other through real life experiences is a way to connect with each other and being part of a community. Depending on your age, by watching Sierra’s web-series you can also feel less lonely in sharing a story or a situation that you thought nobody else would’ve lived beside you (and you can laugh too in some episodes, no cap!). I like how Sierra is transparent and blunt, full of life and just a creative in the making. I hope to meet her and hang out with her one day. Thank you Sierra, and keep doing your amazing job!

What is “MyCrynicles”‘s mission among us millennials and Gen Zs?

Honestly, it simply started out as something to put on my portfolio. I was moving to California and had an extremely hard time finding work, so I created the show to prove I could do everything n my resume. I didn’t even know how to draw at first, I was using bitmoji for the character art until episode 4 lol. With my channel becoming monetized, I had to teach myself how to draw so I could own everything in the video. Now that I see how much of an impact it’s having though, my new mission is to simply educate as many people as possible on self-love, toxic relationships, and consent. 

What can we enjoy and learn from your web series?

You can enjoy the comedy and laugh at my pain while learning red flags and what not to do while looking for love.  

What is the typical process of a “MyCrynicles” episode’s production? Who are the people involved?

I’m the only person involved on the production side. I write the chapter, send the lines to the voice actors, draw the characters, build the scenes, edit the audio once it’s returned, and put everything you see together. 

Who has supported you since the beginning and how do your supporters complement your work?

My family and friends of course. A lot of them complement it by trauma bonding with me lol the amount of “me too” messages I receive is kind of overwhelming. Especially when it’s followed by a story. But I try to respond to as many people as possible and even give advice when I can. I don’t necessarily believe I’m the best person to listen to (given my MANY past mistakes) so I try not to make any definitive statements and just listen to understand. 

I’ve just graduated from college and we all know that college brings a lot of memories, pain, and satisfaction. As an international student, I have lived here in the US for four years and my personal experience with boys, academia, and self-love has been a unique roller coaster of emotions and reflections. How do you expose your unique traits, adventures, and dynamics, especially on social media? 

It’s actually crazy because I used to share every detail of my life on social media, but once the show started getting so much attention, I’ve completely swung the other way. I’m not even sure if I want people knowing anything more about than they already do lol. 

I’m sure many people have already told you that you got that Issa Rae’s potential if your series takes off. How do you want to succeed? Are you planning to pursue a career in animation or acting? Or maybe both?

My dream is open my own studio. Technically “My Crynicles” is Juvenile Studio’s first production. My Patreon will be funding future interns to help me with season two and possible later productions. Hopefully, within a few years, we’ll have an actual space making big-time productions. It’s really hard for me to choose what exactly I want to do, so I won’t lmao. I like acting, but I hate auditing. Maybe once I get an agent that makes that process easier I’ll do more of it, but until I might just focus on writing and editing.  

The current situation we’re all experiencing has either sparked or drained artists’ creativity. Do you have any suggestions or thoughts on how the entertainment industry is functioning in response to COVID-19 and its consequences?

Well, COVID hasn’t really inconvenienced me in the slightest. As messed up as it sounds, my views had skyrocketed and I’ve had more people hit me up about freelance work in the past month than the past year, so I don’t really have a choice but to work because I’m broke lol. We all face creative blocks, but you’re literally trapped in the house. Take advantage of this time because you might never get it again. I know I struggled so much trying to work on my show after coming home from my 8-6 every day. So the quarantine was low-key a blessing for me. 

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