The breakfast of a journalist, an aspiring journalist

Dear readers,

In order to be a dedicated journalist, your eyes must be attracted to everything and your ears should catch every beat of information that is around you. Sure, you can skim and choose what’s important for you to focus on, because news is just like what we eat: there’s junk food, fake food, mediocre food, and tasty food. I try to follow a healthy diet, with which I can have all the necessary nutrients and my favorite dishes in a span of 24 hours. Throughout the day I usually stick to a plant-based or pescatarian diet, but when it comes to the mornings, I allow myself the privilege to pick a savory breakfast.

Savory breakfasts change from time to time. They give me the chance to mix up my palate, leaving it intrigued and ready to appreciate unexpected tastes. This is how I approach and set breakfast on my table every morning. However, life gets in the way. Sometimes I don’t wake up feeling hungry at all and I just drink my protein shake. There are times where minutes are essential and need to spend in front of the mirror instead of in front of the kitchen table, so I grab a quick small package of cookies and run to wherever I have to go. I just have to accept it, digest what I got, and report the facts. Life of an aspiring journalist, they say…

During these last four years, my breakfast routine has dramatically changed. Before college, breakfast was a timed moment, where homework and my telephone didn’t have much significance. Once I moved to Hofstra, a new set of environments was part of my breakfast scenario. First, the cafeteria. Second, the classrooms, where some professors allowed us to have breakfast in class. Third, the desk in my room, which I shared with three other roommates. Fourth, on the way to classes, on the sidewalk, sometimes on the subway, the train (countless times lol), or on the bus.

I’ve realized that the way I’d consume breakfast would automatically affect the ways I’d digest news. Before college, I had newspapers, the tv, and my dad exchanging conversations with me. In this time of my life I was passive in receiving, sharing, or commenting the news. After that, I was on my own and I had to rely on my own eyes and perception of reality. It was time for me to shape my vision of the world, without voices suggesting me what to think or do, like my parents would do – as any parent does. At the beginning it was hard, especially to confront and understand bigger institutions and corporations in another language, but with practice and patience I could see the results.

The more I got to know my surroundings and figured out what I wanted to seek out of my college experience, I start being religiously attentive towards the news. However, I was following just a limited amount of channels and platforms. When I began approaching to the news hand in hand with my classes and other extra curricular activities, from cutting off unfulfilling friendships to expanding more my professional and personal networking connections in the city, I found out pleasure and necessity in keeping up with the news.

If it wasn’t for my interest in civic engagement, fashion modeling, and entertainment writing, I would’ve never got deep into the real purpose of my goals and dreams: writing to advocate, to represent, to be a bridge between communities, while being in contact with the beauty of the visual arts. The dream of an aspiring journalist.

Social activism is bittersweet: there are good intentions tarnished by capitalistic profits that a typical Aquarius wants to dismantle, along with challenging situations that push and question your privileges. In the fashion industry, social activism plays a big role, but not many people see this side. Fashion is a Gemini, it has two faces. One is glamorous and the other one is full of complications and rewards, confrontations and victories. And you can understand this only if you’re a news junkie, only if your intellectual diet includes all the nutrients of the culture.

For this reason, I’ve started appreciating a savory breakfast whenever I start the day. I need to remember the sweet and the bitter of what this world has to offer me on a daily basis. Not only I have to know this with my intelligence, but I have to stimulate my body to be receptive of these facts. The only way to prepare it for such lifestyle, one proper of a full-time journalist, I have to exercise my palate and digest some salt and sweet. Maybe one day I’ll change again and go back to have only desserts for breakfast. Or maybe I’ll just stick to salty food and limit the sugar. Who knows what kind of journalist will I ever be. I hope to stick with the bittersweet kind, a balanced one.

Maybe it’s the New York tradition, but a poppy seed-cream cheese bagel with glass of fresh orange juice, or a cupcake with a glass of almond milk, or a bowl of cereal with fruit salad on the side, or a cup of green tea with two slices of whole wheat bread and eggs is an ideal breakfast. A bit of salt and a bit of sugar. A bit of CNN and a bit Twitter. Some Instagram scrolls and some e-mails: the balanced and realistic breakfast of a journalist, at least an aspiring one, in search of guidance and success in tough times like this one we’re living.

Now, time for breakfast: what are you having? Just remember to drink water!


the curly flower

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