How do I sharp my motivation as a writer

Dear readers,

A new month in 2020 has approached, the fifth one. How are we all feeling? Probably not the best. Creatives might still be stuck in their homes or towns looking up to inspirations. Journalists keep writing and have to deal with e-mails more than ever, even for the smallest tasks that once upon a time could have been solved in person. Technology has become our best friend and worst enemy: it depends how we approach to it.

As a creative, I keep being using my social media accounts to stay updated, even though I try to not let myself be consumed by it. If you are an artist or a fashion writer or just a college student, you might get me easier: IG lives are so popular right now and sometimes you may end up having a YOLO feeling and worry on the things you missed. In addition to my creative interests, my driven-journalistic spirit is eager and open to be more receptive, but I’ve managed ways yo give myself a break and focus on my priorities, without missing the stuff that is happening outside the four walls I’m currently in.


Reading an actual book or a printed publication is therapeutic. It can relax your eyes and it doesn’t allow you to open multiple pages on your browse: the only browsing activity you do is between you and the letters imprinted on the book’s pages.

Social media

No matter how dynamic and fast the traffic on social media can be, social media platforms are just digital places that store pixels and algorhitms: there’s nothing enchanting in that, unless you like the feeling to stand still and scroll on your phone for hours and hours without being productive. If you’re a content creator or a writer who works with social media, there are ways you can manage your time without going insane:

  • hire a virtual assistant: a lot of people are looking for jobs and this could be a position that you can create for your own business. You can easily find among your community copywriters, agents, or editors who are willing to boost their skills with your as well. Try to stay connected and secure those connections on platforms like LinkedIn, Upwork, or GirlBoss.
  • work on your portfolio: if you’re a writer, do the writing! If you’re a fashionista, upload and shoot those images, sew, get your pen and design. Take this time as a forced pause to do what you didn’t want to do before. Once this temporary situation will be over, you’ll be able to showcase the necessary tools and all the fruits you’ve cultivated these weeks.

The contact with nature

During quarantine you can actually go out. You have to be mindful what areas you are looking to visit and the necessity of your outdoor activity. If it’s something that you can do indoors, you should do it inside. Limitations are made to secure a better monitoring in your neighborhood and city.

I really do hope this helps. For sure, it’s helping me.


the curly flower

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