Fashion On The Beat: the idea, the podcast, the book!

Dear readers,

March is coming to its end, but it’s closing with a new beginning: my book, Fashion On The Beat, is on its way to publication. Many creatives are releasing their content and dropping their merchandise, and my book is one of those products, coming from a creative like me.

Fashion on the Beat is the story of a creative international college student whose academic path has been unusual and unexpected. From this collection of experiences, you’ll find ways to connect with your creativity, learn from the fashion industry, as well as from the journalism and media industry in general.

Fashion On The Beat started as a podcast, but now it’s becoming a collection of words. I’m ready to share with you all the meaning and the purpose of it.

what does the title mean

There’s a proper answer to this question. It’s not a random title the one that I chose. Besides my academic education, most of the lessons that have changed my mindset occurred in the streets, outside the classroom environment. I’m not an A student. I get more B+ and A – rather than straight As and I started viewing it as a feature in me rather than a lack of intelligence or scarce academic performance. The passions that I’ve developed during my college career changed completely my personality, making me more compassionate and caring towards others, by providing them a safe place where they could come to as well as relate to. In order to achieve this mindset and attitude, I had to get out of my comfort zone multiple times, so that I could find different media with which I could understand whoever was around me. For a very long time, my comfort zone was solely focused on school and getting high scores. However, this lifestyle wasn’t fulfilling me, as a person and artist. I had to find new media with which I could find a way to communicate with others and enhance my writing skills, even if it meant making more time to myself and cut some time off my homework. So I attended story-telling workshops in the city and yoga classes off campus. Then I began listening to podcasts, and then I started writing reviews on music for my blog. I started listening to rap and trap. I began to dive in a raw world of sounds and lyrics that were out of my usual picture.

Even though I don’t know how to rap or to produce any beats, I enjoy discovering music and write about it, because rap is a lot about expressing yourself through cadenced words, adlibs, and sounds. One trademark signature got my attention: “on the beat“. In fact, many rappers use this expression to sign their voice, label, and producer. As a joke, I started saying “curly flower on the beat“, whenever my friends would freestyle in their cars, at functions or at cyphers. I would laugh at myself, because how can an Audrey Hepburn fan be so into rap and sign herself with the words “on the beat“? Then my poetic background, who loves juxtapositions and oxymorons, loved the idea of combining my love for fashion and my interest in music. Fashion is all about artistic dynamism and social representation. Music too. Right now I’m passionate about fashion. Right now I’m into rap. I should put the two things together, assemble a dynamic passionate duo: fashion has its own melody, clothes are the notes, and each trends beats an audience. Here we are: Fashion On The Beat – a story/a song by thecurlyflower.

what’s in the book

In this book, I’ve collected interviews and stories from friends and colleagues in the fashion industry, but also other creatives, whose approach to entrepreneurship is admirable and worth to consider. You will also learn about what fashion journalism is and means in today’s world, whether or not you’re into fashion. I will also share the mindset and the skills that an entrepreneur needs to have in order to navigate the multiple scenarios she or he will face. Given my background, you will also read how much traveling is important if you want to be a fashion writer. You will read how much social media is fundamental in becoming an entrepreneur. You will learn how to channel your passions and take failures as lessons rather than curses.

why should i read it

I’m not here to provide any solutions. This is not a HOW TO kind of book. Fashion On The Beat is a collection of experiences and thoughts given by an international college student, who’s ready to live in the real world and has to begin such journey.

You will love this book if you want to know how to make the best out of your creativity and manage it, while keeping up with your studies or your 9-5 job. I wanted to write this book in order to speak to college students and young creatives who are looking at both fashion and journalism for the first time. I want them to know that combining a professional setting with a creative career is a possibility as well as a privilege: it takes smart moves and hard work to be who you really want to be, the boss of yourself, and the master of your own crafts.

What pushed me to write this book

Love. Romantic love, family love, platonic love, self-love. I can see myself as a screenwriter, a fashion model, a news reporter, a lifestyle journalist, but I want for once to be seen as a writing enthusiast, as an educator, as an older sister, as my alter ego: the curly flower, the most lovely personality of mine, the one I most admire, the best version of myself. Fashion On The Beat is a letter of love to those who admire me and believe in me as well as to those who feel lonely but don’t want to feel alone. Fashion On The Beat is a gift to myself and to those who are willing to have me in their life. It’s the ticket to get into my new home: the media and the fashion industries.

If you wanna sustain my campaign, feel free to check it out and contribute here.


And do drink your water please,

the curly flower

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