The sooner you listen to these podcasts the better, I’m telling you

Dear readers,

Outdoor places seem to be a luxury at the moment. Not everyone has a balcony, a garden, a mansion, or even a roof to stay safe in this madness we’re surrounded by. The best way to deal with this situation is to think about the resources we have got under our eyes and close to our hands, so that we can see and grab them with full gratitude.

I personally find podcasts a refreshing way to stay connected to the outside world when I’m indoors. I also have three theories that justify the important presence of podcasts in mentally challenging times:

  1. As many might have noticed or guessed, there’s a surplus of traffic on both social media and streaming services, like Netflix, Hulu or HBO. If we would listen more to podcasts that we like, we could reduce the slow connectivity on the Internet, which is used by many media workers, such as journalists, content creators, and educators, just to name a few.
  2. We can develop our listening skills. We’re used to hear others, but not always listen to others’ words. Podcasts are a great way to enhance this ability. Let’s use these days to listen to different voices and not isolate our own voice.
  3. Listening to podcasts allows you to connect to professionals and personalities that have the capability to spark an unexpected interest in you, something that you never thought you could be interested in.

Here’s a list of a bunch podcasts you can listen to:

Beijos and happy listening,


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