Is this the best time to put your digital work out there? The Weeknd, Donald Glover, and something featuring Ms. Fenty

Dear readers,

Yes, this is the best time to put out music. Whether it’s luck or a great business move, releasing a digital piece of work at the moment can be such a great investment. That’s what The Weeknd, Donald Glover, and PARTYNEXTDOOR have done in the last week.

Think about it: a lot of people will spend hours and hours on social media and on the Internet until this pandemic is done. You will bump into huge online traffic, no matter the platform you’ll be interacting with. Instagram and Twitter are the most visual and consumed online places where you can promote your business. You can also post your creative works, like paintings, photos, or music. I’d like to dedicate some attention to the audio that lately has been released, including unexpected albums and tracks from Donald Glover and also Ms. Fenty, aka Rihanna, featuring in PARTNEXTDOOR’S album PARTYMOBILE.

One month ago, everything seemed to work just fine, with little worries around COVID-19. At least, in the Western world. In China, where the epicenter of the pandemic was located, stuff was already going down. The situation escalated when it touched Europe, with Italy in the first place for the most infected territory. Now the disease has arrived in the US, followed by Central and South American countries as well. Every continent seems to be at risk and the best solution, for now, is social distancing, with limited traveling and hyper-curated hygiene. We are all slowing down, apparently. Good or bad, the economic shift is persistent and accurate, and it’s making creatives think about their game, their moves, and aspirations. A percentage of them have taken the use of interactive social media on the next level, by throwing Instagram live concerts or scheduled collective web-seminars. Some of them on the other hand, have taken advantage of this time to release music and work on their audio platforms.


In a span of one week, three major American artists have released their new albums. As usual, some of their singles were already known, like Blinded Lights by The Weeknd or Feels Like Summer by Donald Glover.

The Weeknd sounds explosive and acute in his lyrics with After Hours, his fourth studio album. Supported by three singles, “Heartless“, “Blinded Lights” and “In Your Eyes“, the artist reveals his signature beats infused with Americana-80s sounds, focusing on somber and pensive emotions. He almost resembles a pop version of Drake.

Donald Glover dropped a special project on his website along with his other online platforms. Known for his eclectic music and social empowerment, Glover’s latest work seems to be more into a relaxed mood, enriched with long-lasting sounds and a less pointing social investment. Donald is an artist, and he is living his own Black Contemporary Renaissance.

After a week from The Weeknd’s After Hours, another Canadian artist releases his beats: PARTYNEXTDOOR with PARTYMOBILE. The most acclaimed and unexpected feature that this album presents is in the single called BELIEVE IT, featuring Rihanna. The busiest and most talked businesswoman in the fashion industry comes back with her vocal talent. Right, this is just a feature. We’re still waiting for the whole album, the one every fan from all over the world is waiting.

PARTYNEXTDOOR was lucky and clever to have both Rihanna and Drake, and Bad Bunny in his project. Among the three releases, PARTYMOBILE seems to have caught more attention. However, all three albums are tangible testimony of creativity that comes out in such difficult times for those who work in creative fields: these are examples that can inspire creatives to put out their work, in digital forms, especially those in the music industry.

I hope I was able to provide you some guidance and some good beats to listen to. It’s very important to not feel alone during this time. Music helps us all. Also, wouldn’t it be nice to share all these works with your friends once COVID-19 vanishes away?



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