Netflix shows creatives and fashion journalists should watch

Dear readers,

We’re told that we got time, right? Quarantine got us stuck in our homes with our families, roommates, friends, partners, pets or by ourself. And in times like this, it is imperative to feel yourself at most ease with whoever you’re surrounded by, even if it’s just yourself.

For those who don’t know what a quarantine is, I’ll tell you: it is a limited amount of time – usually up to 40 days – that is requested by authorities when there’s a danger affecting the community. In this case, since COVID-19, known also as Coronavirus, was declared a pandemic, Italians, Americans, Spanish, German, French, Brazilians, and literally all citizens of the world are highly suggested to not travel or gather in public masses. Limitations are strict and some countries have taken quarantine as their temporary regulation. One of these countries is the USA, who followed the protocols of China and Italy.

For those who live in the Western world, technology is coming handy and can be a great tool to stay focused on our work and connected to each other. Nevertheless, many people in the food or artistic industries are finding themselves in an unexpected struggle, where their income is more unstable than ever and future plans are on the air. Members of the fashion industry are developing and working on new resources to keep generating products and relevant content, by being pertinent and useful to its consumers. A lot of unemployment issues are arising, reaching a rate of 20%.

Yes, we’re living a pandemic. The Western world is having a wake up call and is reacting to this natural way of things. As a creative and journalist, aka writer and observer of life, this situation looks a lot like a Black Mirror episode, or if you’re old school I might say Twilight Zone. Well, speaking of cinematography.. here are some shows and movies with which you can entertain yourself during this quarantine, as well as learn new topics, cultures, and lifestyles.

All of these are Netflix shows. Some of them can be found only on Netflix USA.

She Did That

We still have got a long way until representation becomes a reality and not a plus-feature to be credited in any kind of work and field. This documentary gives you inspiration and solid information on how it is like to be an entrepreneur, whose path and aspirations twirl constantly. Protagonists of this film are African American women business women, including Carol Daughter’s founder Lisa Price and The Lip Bar‘s CEO Melissa Utler.

Rhythm ‘N Flow

If you’re looking for something funny, edgy, but also somehow informative, this might be your show. The fun is served with the typical reality show dynamics that the genre itself offers, with Cardi B, Chance The Rapper, and Tip T.I as protagonists of the show. The contestants are aspiring rappers who want to achieve their place under the spotlight. Watching this program doesn’t require any type of attention or deep thinking, but you definitely can learn about the world of rap and hip-hop. Of course, just only a bit, but you can get the flow of it.


To be honest, this might not be the most recommended show ever. Given the situation we’re living, reading and knowing every single detail of what a pandemic is and what are the consequences of it might result overwhelming and not healthy at all. Check first with your mental health: how is this COVID-19 triggering you? Are you finding a balance? How do you feel about it and what are the immediate thoughts you’ve got in your head when you think about what’s happening every single day since two weeks? It’s up to you, but as a creative you can learn a lot from this series and get some professional knowledge.

Next In Fashion

Well, it’s not like Project Runaway, but the concept is more or less similar. Hosted by Alexa Chung and Tan France, in this contest show you can learn about fashion, its vocabulary and also the methods and the techniques involved in this industry. Right now we’re living between a major economic shift that will affect the entertainment and the publishing fields, as well as the fashion world. It’s time to keep focused on what other kind of ventures and positions creatives can find or build up for themselves, in order to find a purpose in their art-making, but also a stable source of income.


Yes guys, we can allow ourselves some smiles. This is a comedy tv series about contemporary Latinx gentrification, specifically in Los Angeles . If you’re familiar with shows like Kim’s Convenience, you’ll most enjoy this show.

Grace and Frankie

A lot of artists and entrepreneurs are doing two things during this quarantine: they either emphasize the YOLO mindset or they just want to take self-reflection and personal consciousness out of this moment we’re all experiencing. YOLO stands for You Only Live Once. This approach can come handy as a sign of motivation, but also heavy because it pushes you create or write your work at all cost, just because. Take your time creatives, if you can. You know it if you can allow yourself some personal mental care day. Gracie and Frankie can help you do that. Mixed with romanticism, comedy, feminism, and even entrepreneurship (if you keep going on with the seasons), you’ll find some inspirations between a laugh and another.

MinimalisM: a documentary about the important things

Almost every person we know aims to purchase and possess items that can help them make their image better, more glamorous, or even more appealing. Objects, clothes, and even books are present in our homes, but do we ever think about how useful are they? Could we live an existence with the bare minimum? Would it be satisfying? Here’s a documentary that can help you figure out your answers. As a creative, think: do I need to obtain all these possessions in order to succeed in life? Is my art or my purpose fulfilled once I own these things?

Miss Americana

This quarantine has become almost an excuse to reinvent ourselves, to become more connected to our own needs and feelings, and to take time to sharpen our vision towards the world. Millionaire singer and performer Taylor Swift is a legend in the pop and country world. Known globally for her melodic voice and poised personality, Taylor has reached her 30s with another mentality and decided to switch and mix her self-portrays in the media. Even if you’re not a fan of her, I’d recommend this documentary because it shows a lot of life lessons, which creatives could benefit from by taking notes on them.

Love Dot Com: the social experiment

This is specifically to the people who are spending this quarantine alone. And when I say that I mean those who don’t have anyone in their crib, a romantic partner to call to, and yes: it can be hard scrolling on your Instagram and watching stories or pictures of couples cooking dinner together, going through this together, and being affectionate. I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone. I’ve found solace in watching corny rom-coms, but that made me smile and laugh about love. Yes, sometimes you just have to laugh at love and remember that it is a great joy as well as a painful element in your life. Similar to Always A Bridesmaid, this movie was a cute one. Again nothing crazy, but a good tool to pass time by yourself.

Try to treat yourself by engaging with others. Keep your sanity without isolating too much. Reclaim your time and relaxation, if you can. Own your frustration and anger without taking this whole situation personally, if you can. Every single one of us is struggling and finding challenges in these weeks.

Drink your water,


the curly flower

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