Recognize your privileges during the Coronavirus crisis

Dear readers,

During the last week of February, the epidemic virus COVID-19, known also as Corona virus (called like this because of its shape, according to what researchers have seen under the microscope), has affected Italy, creating a massive amount of deceases and infected thousands of individuals. The epidemic is being monitored by professionals, but its solutions are far from to be known and executed. At the moment, the viurs seems to be everywhere, since cases haverisen up in the US, Brazil, and also in the Caribbean.

The internet is packed with news around such situation and all the sociological issues that you can think of are coming up like in no other times. Europeans are concerned about their economy and their safety. Americans are torn apart and either overreact or don’t show off a single inch of worry towards the virus. Hispanics and Latino countries tend to make comedy out of it, but at the same time, they are aware of what the whole thing might signify to them and their economies, specifically tourism and manufactories. Asian nations are starting to kill the virus and have mastered different ways to stop its spread.

Social media is charged with news and updates every hour, generating both paranoia and humor. But at the end of the day, everyone seems to be worried, as they should. As an Italian-Brazilian, I felt the need to speak up on this issue with my own words and perspective. This event is affecting my life as a creative, fashion journalist, and young immigrant.

This is a time when we need to be united and slow our lifestyles down. Being raised in a European country considered one of the most efficient in terms of health care and education system from outside, I never had the urgency to think about steady solutions during a huge crisis. Maybe it was because I haven’t witnessed the Florentine flood and one of the many earthquakes that Italy has been facing in the last decades. However, being raised and living life as a biracial person, I was forced to think about other kinds of problems, whose solutions are found more on an academic and rhetoric level, rather than in a hospital or in the government per se. However, what makes sad and think a lot these days is the lack of awareness that people in any country have: it looks like people are willing to search for solutions rather than preventions. Why solving a problem when you can avoid it?

Given the past situation Italy was living, full of colorism issues, economic collapses taken for granted, and minimum mental flexibility among the creative community, I think that this whole situation can be a wake-up call. It is time to be united and think about being mindful in our actions.

I say this to America: why do we need to wait more and more time to act and stop deforestation before something really bad happens? Why Flint still has no clean water? Why the healthcare system in the US is not universal or at least more flexible? Why many Italians refuse to use digital platforms and support new entrepreneurs in this field?

Tutti i mali non vengono a nuocere. This Italian saying means “Not all the bad things come to hurt“. When something bad happens, it’s time to take that L, turn it into an A, and make it our option. During such a confusing period of time we’re approaching to live in, it is essential to do:

  • use technology to support your creative friends’ businesses the most. Creating content is not easy in times when transportations and gigs are restricted. Be mindful and selective in who you support. Interact with them, call them, and make their work feel worthy. This specifically goes to actors, performers, writers, models, etc.
  • within your online community, start thinking about other ventures and other ways you can entertain yourself. Find the best resources that can benefit and expand your general interests. In this way, you can’t be bored and you can actually learn something through a screen.
  • you can still limit your online time, but be attentive of your surroundings and do not take for granted news stories and media outlets’ articles. There are people who are still working for you to keep you informed, no matter what you might think that piece of news is true or false. It is your duty to check and believe in what’s under your eyes but recognize the news traffic.

I’ll still talk about fashion, music, and all the things I’m passionate. All I’m asking is to be mindful. And keep drinking your water and stay clean.


the curly flower

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