Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo: a Pisces and her third album

Dear readers,

As a creative born in the city of flowers and with a fervent Latino heart, I can’t deny and take lightly my admiration to Jhené Aiko, one of my favorite women, singers-rappers, and writers in the entertainment industry.

Born in the late 80s, Jhené looks like she could be my classmate. Tiny body, big heart, small hands, long fingers with which she grabs a pen and makes magic through written words. Jhené is a 360° multidimensional artist, whose interests cover a large spectrum of topics. She’s a feminist – or maybe it would be better to say “womanist“, as rapper Rapsody coins that terms when defining her work pro or anti feminist – and her work is able to speak to anyone who comes across her masterpieces.

Ms. Aiko’s music comes from a place of joy, pain, and empathy. Having lived an eventful life full of impactful changes and episodes, including her early steps into motherhood at the age of 20 and a car accident with her daughter, led the artist to use music as a healing source and power, for herself and her audience.

Her latest album is able respects the aesthetics proper of a multiracial Cali girl, with a hint of maternal affection, that in her latest album stands out more than in any other. In the previous albums, Jhené would emphasizes a lot on her relationship with the world through a specific medium – take “Trip” (2017), which alludes to her use of recreational drugs while living her youth and expressing her love through music and emotional vulnerability (Self-explanatory is “Sativa“, even though one of the purest and most innocent tracks in that album is “While We’re Young“). In “Chilombo“, Jhené has come to an end in exploring her feelings, she seems to know who she is, and she is willing to express herself from a position of wisdom and understanding.

Jhené Aiko has had a great influence on my personality. In my darkest and most confusing times, I was able to access to a healing world of melodies and sounds, which pushed me to recognize the need of silence and listening in order to process my feelings. Her music tends to be uplifting and generally highly sympathizing to young women in love, seeking answers and explanations in the field of affections. Jhené navigates this world by finding comfort in mellow and delicate sounds, as well as using deep tones that dissolve into ethereal notes. Jhené lyrics are educative, charming, and engaging: they make you reflect on the present moment, the love of and in your life, with no attachments and possessiveness.

Maybe it’s because of her Buddhist path, maybe it’s her LA spirit, but one thing for sure is that Jhené Aiko is such a malleable and interactive artist that can fit and speak to a large audience. I’m grateful and honored to be one of the most passionate listeners of her work, as well as a reader. I’m glad I’m able to live in a time where she is present and full of life, setting a type of role model that I enjoy taking inspiration from.

My favorite tracks of her latest album, Chilombo, are “Triggered“, “10 K Hours (feat. Nas)“, and the super sensual iconic single “P*$$Y Fairy (OTW)“.

Let’s get this Pisces season going on,



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