Built By Girls shaped my mantra: networking and adding gems in your community

Dear readers,

Women’s International Month has officially begun and in 2020 moves are being made in a solid way. The fresh decade is facing concerning difficulties, like the spreading of the CoronaVirus, the sudden deceases of Kobe and his daughter Gianna, followed by Pop Smoke’s death. However, it is in times like this it is essential to stick together to your community and live everyday like if it was the last one: don’t read this paragraph with a somber tone, but instead give it a read with a lively approach. Yesterday with Built By Girls I had the chance to meet with some amazing individuals who shared tips and positive energy.

The event, hosted at Verizon Media, was divided into three parts, which included interactive panels and collective networking tips. For this reason, three were the topics that the panels covered: elevator pitching, speed networking, and resume building. Each one of the sessions was introduced and explained by members of the Built By Girls team and the professionals that volunteered their time and energy, promoting their companies and showing their inspiring personalities.

The audience was mostly made of high schoolers and early college students (freshmen and sophomores), with the presence of a solid number of professional volunteers, who were there to assist and mentor us students. Being in this kind of space was not a first-time-ever experience, but it was definitely helpful and refreshing, being myself a senior in college. Built By Girls affirmed once again my mantra: build your community by adding meaningful contacts, with all the tools you got!

I got the chance to be paired up with Rachel Brean from Silverline, one of the companies that sponsored the event. With Rachel, I tried out my elevator pitch and from there we started a smooth conversation, talking about her career and the importance of leveling up one’s point of view, depending on who we are interacting with. Coming from a sales background, Rachel affirmed how essential it is to sell your product by being able to present it to anyone who comes across you, no matter what their field might be. This made me think lots. As a creative, sometimes it is challenging to represent yourself in a professional setting, where specific formalities, sometimes even linguistic code-switching, are keys to enter in any conversation. It really depends on who you are talking to and what are the messages that you want to portray for that company, in all transparency and open-mindedness.

What I took out from my conversation with Rachel:

Selling your product (my writing) goes hand in hand with your communicative skills (leveling up and code-switching your professionalism in the field you’re currently in front of).

The second volunteer I got paired up with was Jamie Peacock, a young tall woman with experience in marketing. Similarly to Rachel’s conversation, Jamie explained the importance of being intentional, specific, and empathic with our employers and bosses. At the end of the day, a win-win must occur in the team or company you’re working for, even if you’re a creative or entrepreneur. In the latter cases, the company is yourself, and you must check on yourself. When you’re a team member, your capabilities and limitations need to be clear, in order to gain benefits and capital within your company.

What I took out from my conversation with Jamie:

Recognize your strengths and limitations. Weaknesses are non-existent, if highlighted and made them vocal. There’s always a solution to every impairment, a mission to every person.

It was energizing to chat with these women. My mantra has been confirmed by inspiring women who are not exactly in my field of interests, but who share similar values and ethics, with a passionate mindset. It felt welcoming to be part of a safe space where young women and non-binary people could access to such experience. As a senior in college, this made me nostalgic and more thoughtful in the ways I push myself out there, trying to catch the good vibes and the most vibrant opportunities that I envision in my future career.

Thanks for having me Built By Girls, a wonderful group of gems!


the curly flower

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