Fashion On The Beat: let’s give fashion journalism an audio platform!

Dear readers,

I’ve just found out the existence of Spoon Radio, an audio platform dedicated to creatives of all sorts, from musicians to podcasters, from radio hosts to literally anyone who would like to say something out there. Basically, it’s a Twitter, but for voices. Users and members of the community can create an account, upload bits of their podcasts or create LIVE sessions. I still don’t know how it will develop, because it is a very similar app to Tik Tok (in fact Musically’s investors have their hands on Spoon), so I can’t foresee neither a stable or an unsuccessful business. No matter how it goes, I think it has great potential. I’ve made in fact an account, feel free to join me. I am thecurlyflower, and welcome to Fashion On The Beat.

PS: Most of the content I’ve been posting on SoundCloud for my podcast from now on will be on Spoon Radio. Make sure to follow me there and attend the LIVE sessions, whenever you can!

On Spoon, and potentially on Spotify and Apple Podcast, I’d like to talk about fashion journalism and mental health: both of these topics represent me very much, and there’s a specific reason behind every each of them.

Fashion journalism should have its own beat

Since my first semester of college, I’ve realized how music has always been a passion of mine. It’s been a long time since I have sung, and it’s been a long time since I’ve been feeling comfortable singing too. Since I was never given the chance to fully express my artistic skills at home very openly, I’ve always had a tendency in keeping them low-key. However, since my arrival to college, I discovered music with a different mindset and approach, finding out genres and artists with whom I’ve barely grown up with. Music attracts me just like fashion, because it’s an industry that I’ve never thought I could have any serious interest, but it saved me on many levels and helped me crafting my writing and language skills, especially in English. While listening to music, I’ve found the existence of podcasts and I started to hear radio shows in a professional way. I’d like to implement my passion for music with my interest in fashion journalism, by explaining what is it, what are its goals, and what kind of lessons it can teach to society.

There are in fact three ways with which I can transport fashion into an audio experience:

  1. descriptive communication

Given the nature of fashion, the industry is made up of and works with thousands of visuals and fabrics. However, how is it possible to describe what stylists, designers, and consumers experience with their eyes and the textiles they touch? If we develop a descriptive language among a broader community, people would grasp more at their ease the beauty of the products the fashion industry shows off. Basically, it’d be nice to say something is “beautiful” or “ugly” without using those words themselves, which are too vague and plain when it comes to fashion.

2. talk and give voice to the members of the industry – models, stylists, art directors, MUAs, etc.

Dedicating an audio platform to fashion journalism would provide a place for creatives to get noticed more and more. Their words and point of views would become more relevant and important, along with the messages and statements they plan to implement in their works. A lot of times artists struggle to get to point in what they would like to communicate. On the other hand, people find a hard time to understand the message behind a piece of clothing. This platform could be an instrument for creatives to make their message clearer and more approachable.

3. conversational education

Being able to talk within a community and potential new fashionistas opens up a space where dialogues and point of views become protagonists of a show. Conducting LIVE sessions with these intentions would set the standard for an educative conversation, where people can learn and share thoughts and feelings.

Mental health is important

I think that I was drawn to this Spoon because for along time I’ve been feeling lonely and I didn’t know with whom I could talk to about my passions and interests. After practicing silence, meditation, and completing a series of trips, my time to speak up in what I believe in has come. It might be a bumpy journey, but it’s worth the try and I’m glad, very much glad, to keep finding everyday more and more people who are interested in meaningful convos, learning multiple stuff, and ultimately: sharing good vibes. This is so good for your own mental health, especially if you’re a creative!

What I like about Spoon Radio is that LIVE sessions are a great opportunity to meet up people from different cities, by hearing their voices. In a society mostly based on visuals, whose likes and dislikes dictates our perception of self, it is important to find a group of people that is willing to actively listening to you. My interest in Spoon sparked because of my love for podcasts. This was a great revelation. I hope Spoon will become more and more popular among creatives.


the curly flower

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