This year’s Black History Month

Dear readers,

from a personal perspective, I feel that 2019 is a transitional year. Sure, every single one of us might have (and should) different views of the present, it really depends on how you are feeling. As a third-year college student, I’m planning to live this year in a meditative way. I’m willing to keep my standards high (if not higher) in both my academic and personal life, in addition to doing more readings.

This was my third year celebrating black history month. Thanks to this North American celebration, I came across many resources and multimedia materials with which I’ve learned so much more not only about African American history but also about my heritage and identity.

I’m also more aware of my privileges despite the difficulties that my heritage is still carrying on. As an Italian born and raised young woman, I’ve seen and experienced some benefits that my other half of the family (Afro-Brazilian) didn’t get the chance to have. A couple of years ago I would struggle describing my cultural identity, fearing that I would look like too white or too black. However, thanks to my time in college I’ve been meeting many people who made me understand my ethnical history, leaving the fear and worries out when expressing who I was, am, and will always be.

I wanted to share with you the things that I’ve come across these last weeks related to Black History Month.

Adwoa Abhoa’s Gurls Talk 

Launched in 2018, Gurls Talk is a digital multimedia platform founded by British-Ghanian supermodel and activist Adwoa Abhoa. February’s theme was “Representation“. Adwoa received and gathered several stories by girls and boys who wanted to share their stories about such topic. The Gurls Talk podcast had POC guests like Dina Asher-Smith and Tiffany Calver.

Kevin Hart’s Netflix show

Kevin Hart’s Guide To Black History Month is a documentary featuring some of the most remarkable and famous episodes of the African American History, especially during the time of slavery and racial segregation. Despite the comedic tone, Kevin Hart illustrates African American culture in a very educational way. I think it can be interesting for kids or people who are being introduced to the topic.

10 years anniversary of Drake’s “So Far Gone

I really don’t know if this should be categorized as a proper Black History Month event, but Drake is black too. Aubrey became mostly famous because of this album and he should be remembered for it. Or maybe it was just me who found it pretty interesting or relevant to mention it? Whatever, those are the facts. I’m not a huge fan of Drake, but my ear finds some of his songs really nice and if not, truly enchanting.

Black Panther (and Roma at the Oscars)

I got the chance to finally see the Oscars on tv. Well, this year was the best year to start this new tradition of mine – watching the Oscars. Spike Lee’s Blackklansman winning Best Screenplay Adaptation, Black Panther‘s Costume Design, Music Original Score, Production Design and the presence of Roma‘s Latino cast was truly an amazing achievement to witness. Plus, Elaine Welteroth attending the Oscars was a dreamy moment. Wow, will I ever achieve 1/4 of such beauty and professionality?

Maria Julia Coutinho in Brazil

Yes! Finally, we get the chance to see more black folks on South American tv! Yes, there are African descendants in Brazil too, not everybody has a light skin or white complexion, as it usually portrayed in the media. This news about Maria Julia Coutinho being the first Brazilian black woman to be officially and full-time employed on a national broadcast channel got me super happy for two reasons: I could finally see someone who looks like my mom and my aunts on the big Brazilian screen, and it’s another step in representing the underrepresented in the field I am – Journalism. Again, yes, finally!

I’m very much glad and I feel blessed to be biracial, an Afro-Latina, half Italian and half Brazilian. And for this reason, I wish with all of my mind to be a role model by doing what I mostly like, write and be a voice to those who are a minority – who at the end of the day got the major offer and richness to bring on the table!



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