Final project, ultimate discoveries

This project made me discover a new aspect of Romance Languages, which is the study of minor dialects and languages, and their connection: Catalan and Occitan.

The History and Development of Catalan by Vicente Lledò-Guillem

As a European citizen, I was already aware of the presence of these two languages, but little I know about their influential features on culture and politics. The department of Romance Languages has been conducting interesting studies on the subject, especially with the help of Prof. Lledò-Guillem, born and raised in Spain. He got very specific into the topic, and for this reason he wrote a book called “The Making of Catalan Linguistic Identity” (2018). Through his words, the author was able to express his passion for Catalan and its culture.

I personally increased my knowledge on the topic, plus I got the chance to work on a multimedia project and experiment new journalistic techniques on the field.


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