Drippin’ nice and catchy beats

Last month the music industry surprised us with three unexpected releases: Drake’s single “Nice For What“, Cardi B’s album “Invasion of Privacy“, and Kali Uchis’ melodic “Isolation“.

Maybe because it was after Women History Month, but all these songs have a common denominator: women and their power, fierce, and courage. Or maybe it was just the right time to casually state how much female empowerment can do in today’s society.

The boy drama


The cool guy everyone wants at the party, the nice dude who hangs out with his friends at the basketball game, the hot boy every girl would like to date. Aubrey G is not the first singer to have this kind of personality, but he’s certainly one of the most known for it. Most of the time is charisma, mixed with love and hate, shifts into notes and is able to state strong emotions, addressed to both women and men. The boy who killed the game gets the chance to advise women to be themselves, not for anyone. Is that true? Yes, because the relationship with yourself never ends: it’s good to put yourself first.

Sex and sense


Speaking of self, once you become aware of your own freedom you must choose what kind of liberty would you like to take. A person must make choices in order to exist in this world. As human beings, feelings are at the core of our inner self, and it is impossible to avoid them. We can learn to manage them, but it’s really hard to escape or making them disappear. For this reason, sexual and intellectual choices along life are important to make. Cardi B might not be my M.O., but she showed the world how she embraced and made a life in this world by being a woman. Lots of obstacles, tons of choices, but at the end of the day she was able to make it somehow: I lowkey admire her for her accomplishments. Strength and faith are the keys to success I guess. And a little bit of sass, sure *okurrr*.

Soulful affection 


Look at the way Karly-Marina moves in “After The Storm” or talks about love in “Flight 22”. The Colombian-American singer is making her way into the music world with her new debut album “Isolation” and she’s very unique in the way she’s doing it. A hint of that tragic-Amy-Winehouse-vibe, with both Hispanic and smooth rhythms, she’s the right woman to look up to when it comes to self-acceptance and affection. With her songs, you get the idea of what love is: an unexpected intimacy, a welcoming emotional space, and a time-consuming experience worth the try.

I can’t wait for new music, with which my petals can swing back and forth, in the balmy summer breeze.


the curly flower

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