You, an international college student

Traveling is one the most rewarding activities a person could do. You get the chance to visit new environments, meet inspiring people, and learn a lot about yourself.

However, traveling is a temporary activity that allows you to experience lifelong lessons and feelings. If you are a young person seeking for unique adventuresstrong emotions, and even an inner-self journey, you should try studying abroad.

The experience itself

Both the moving and the assessment are time-consuming and tiring processes once you’ll get in a new place. However, studying abroad gives you the chance to explore other places while receiving some sort of education for a limited period of time, in which you meet new people, make connections, and eventually enrich your life.

Get lost to be found

When it comes to new surroundings, being outside of your usual places can make you feel insecure and totally lost at first. But in this way you’ll develop a new sense of awareness, you’ll learn to trust your gut and to live alone in new spaces.

Fun fact: Well that’s pretty much a clichè – I got lost in the NYC subway.

Emotions involved

Human interactions enrich you, though. That is a fact. All conversations and meetings are somehow important, because you learn from them, either if they are constructive conversations or pieces of small talk. By being out from your comfort zone without acquaintances, you’ll find out just by yourself how to react in certain situations without the help of anybody else. In this way, you’ll eventually start to develop new attitudes and a personality that can help you shape the person you want to be.

Fun fact: It doesn’t matter if the people you meet are not exactly in your field or area of knowledge. As long as they are engaging people, through their company you’ll be constantly inspired with no boredom at all.

The self 

When it comes to studying or living abroad, it is necessary to choose between two kinds of lifestyles and to be ready to leave one of those two. Think about the pragmatic consequences and possible scenarios that could occur based on the choice you might pick. Have you sketched some of your long-term goals?

Fun (challenging!) fact: Who do I want to be once I’ve made my choices? Make the choice, check and accept the facts that are involved in it. Trust your gut. And go. Just go.

Leave, left, be leaving

If you leave, you are going to depart from some of your routines once you were attached to. Once left, you’ll see who really cares about you. It takes time and it might be heartbreaking, painful and disappointing. But you’ll learn to surround yourself with the right company.

Be always open-minded. Do not feel forced to settle down: you can go wherever you want if you really want. It may take time, a lot of it, but you can manage to undertake such an adventure.

You can do the best,

the curly flower


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